History of Sabung Ayam Traditions in Java

The tradition of Sabung Ayam in Java is a game of two chickens in a single circle or event. The average chicken that is contested until either escapes or disappears, even to death.

This game is generally followed by gambling that runs not far from the Sabung Ayam arena, this aspect because in one game, it seems less interesting if it is not related to betting.

There are also very many fans and lovers of this kind. According to the web that we managed to retrieve data, in Indonesia even almost 10 million people are interested in taking part in this type of betting game. Because it’s easy to play this bet and can be seen in a way of life.

Usually this game can also be called by Chicken Fighting. This game has been played since the kingdom live result sgp of Demak. In one narasirakyat, a prince played with Sabung Ayam and met his father who had gotten rid of his mother.

Sabung Ayam matches have been practiced and played by all residents since ancient times.

This game is a battle of two roosters that really have been treated very well made to be able to enter the competition. In Indonesia alone, Sabung Ayam is very, very legendary even once.

Now at this time I will share the story of traditional chicken fighting in Java. Where at that time there was a man named Cindelaras who had a chicken magic that was invincible by the chickens too.

History of Sabung Ayam Traditions in Java

On the basis as well as the results he was invited by Raja Jenggala towards this time to join the competition.

At that time there was competition between the magic Cindelaras chickens to defeat Raden Putra’s chickens, so that he would have the right to find half of all the King’s skillful property.

And vice versa if Cindelaras lost his chicken, so Cindelaras was sentenced to his head in the laws of the train by the king’s son.

Cindelaras’s result was an outward response as a hero and people from that time were very cheering Cindelaras & Raden Putra to produce against the defeat when he admitted it.

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In the past, Sabung Ayam was also a political signal at the time. The story of the death of King Anusapati from Singosari who died when he saw a Sabung Ayam.

The death of the king took place against HRI Buddha Anusapati sweet or Wednesday Legi time in Singosari kingdom which occurred a crowd at the Imperial Palace one of which showed Sabung Ayam.

The regulation applies that anyone who can enter the Sabung Ayam arena is forbidden from weapons or a dagger.

When Anuspati’re going to the Arena, Ken Dedes Anusapati advised his mother to not let go of the keris she was wearing when she saw the Sabung Ayam held at the Palace. But he is unable to withstand current regulations regarding being told to allow unproductive and anyone who comes to take a sharp weapon or a knife.

This aspect so he made a wish he did not want to have to let go of the dagger he was wearing at the insistence of Pranajaya & Tohjaya.

There was a great uproar in the place where the match that this factor also dictated history was distinguished by Ms. Ken Dedes. his son must be willing to be killed by his own kris by Tohjaya’s younger brother.

After the body was buried in the restored Anusapati temple and still remembered the incident, Anusapati was a brother from Tohjaya with Ken Dedes & Mr.

How To Play Sabung Ayam Online In Indonesia

Tunggul Ametung while Tohjaya is the son of Ken Arok and Ken Umang was indeed reported to have an interest in Sabung Ayam.

In fact in the narratives of people especially Ciung Wanara said that luck and change someone’s fate is determined by the victory of the Sabung Ayam fight in the Sabung Ayam arena, and Anusapati was not defeated in a Sabung Ayam but in this game he was killed.

That article about the historical tradition of Sabung Ayam in Java, I hope that you can all be entertained and add to your insights into this tradition.

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