Advantages and sources of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a very essential vitamin for the human life among the entire vitamins category. It helps in synthesis of osteocalcin or the protein, which is present in our bone tissues. The production of prothrombin occurs with the help of this vitamin. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting. It keeps us safe from the deadly disease of the bones called as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis increases the percentages of bone fracture. Moreover, abnormal and internal bleeding could occur in the body, if the body is lacking this vitamin.

Vitamin K helps in leading a long healthy life. It converts glucose to glycogen, which is very helpful for making the liver healthy. Vitamin K plays an important role in our intestines. It is also used in the treatment of cancer. This nutrient makes itself capable to resist the children against all harmful effects. The combining power of vitamin k and vitamin C has an impressive fight upon nausea and vomiting at the time of pregnancy.

For the production of a molecule, vitamin K is necessary. As per recent studies, it has proved itself as the best hinder of kidney stone formation. This helps in finding some scope of kidney stone for the persons, those who are vegetarians. The body extracts the nutrients by bacteria found in intestines. Broccoli, green leafy vegetables, liver, cabbage, rye, soybeans, asparagus and wheat provide vitamin K in a huge amount. Other food items such as cauliflower, Brussels sprout, oatmeal, safflower oil, blackstrap molasses and egg yolks also supply vitamin K. Herbs like green tea, nettle, alfalfa, kelp, oat straw and shepherd purse gives this nutrient in a sufficient manner. There are different forms of vitamin K available in nature. All of them have their individual characteristics with lot of good effects for human body.

Antibiotics can obstruct our body, which are capable for absorbing vitamin K from the childhood days. However, antibiotics are necessary for our health because it supplies us with different types of nutrients. Antibiotics destroy the bacteria present in our intestines, which synthesizes the vitamin for our body. In this way, antibiotics are interfered with vitamins indirectly. During the last period of pregnancy, large amount of vitamin K should be harmful for the pregnant woman. It leads to the formation of toxicity in newborns. However, too much doses of vitamin K can hamper our health by sweating and flushing. So, it is in our hand that we can use the vitamin in a proper manner.

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